Mother in Residence: Lisa Kirk

Written by Katelyn Whelan


Posted on May 14 2024

Meet Lisa
Lisa Kirk is the founder of women's shoe brand, Maylis. Inspired in the early years of motherhood and the many changes that come with it, Lisa sought to create a wardrobe staple that could carry her through each season. Maylis was born. Designed to carry women from work to home and everywhere in between. Lisa is also writer, editor, and content strategist for thoughtful brands. We love her thoughtful responses and know you will too!

Hot Beverage of Choice: 
Oat milk latte

Early Mornings or Late Nights:
I strive to love early mornings, but in reality, I'm a lifelong night owl.

Currently listening to (audiobook, podcast, music):
Lainey Wilson

Can't live without _______________
New mercies every morning, hugs and kisses from my husband and kids, coffee 

Best Mom Advice / Tip:
You only have the grace to handle the moment you're in, not the moments that haven't happened yet (or that may never happen). 

How did becoming a mother alter your approach to creativity and workflow? For example, did motherhood lend expansion to your craft or define clearer boundaries from a role perspective?
I first stepped into entrepreneurship shortly after becoming a mother, so the two roles have always been intertwined for me. The gift of this has been that my work has never been everything. There is always a firm stopping point in my work day. There have been seasons when I have intentionally chosen to set my work down to laser-focus on my family (like in the early days with a newborn). Even on the hardest days of running a business (and gosh, some of them have been so hard), this business doesn't get to take priority in all 24 hours of my day. My creative work is a calling in my life, but motherhood is my vocation. I challenge myself daily to hold these two blessings in the right order.

How would you spend a slow morning alone?
Sipping on coffee while it's still hot, reading a book or flipping through a magazine (I majored in magazine journalism in college and will never quit those glossy pages), and taking my sweet time getting ready for the day. Nothing fancy—just the luxuries of silence and not being in a rush!

Where, who, or what are your fondest memories connected to?
My husband and I met while studying abroad in Austria and thinking back on those days still gives me butterflies. Falling in love with a cute boy while galavanting around Europe without a care in the world besides soaking up life and making memories? Magical. Those early days set the tone for what has become our entire lives and I cherish that deeply. 

What is the mark you wish to leave on the world as a mother?
As I am writing this, my grandmother (the last surviving grandparent between my husband and I) is in the hospital. Although she lives 900 miles from me, I have been noticing her fingerprints and influence around my home, in my habits, and in my little family's traditions. I don't know exactly what mark I hope to leave on the world, but I do that there are echoes of me in my children as they grow up that they can someday notice and smile about. 

What are your favorite pieces in the current Sun House collection? 
The Banks Polo in Ticking Stripe for my son, the Jenny Dress and Dashwood Bubble in Vivian Stripe for my girls, the Coverup in Thacker Plaid for me!