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Sun House Children's brings timeless pieces to littles' and women's closets, pairing together sophistication and childlike joy at once.  With our ever-chic girl's swim silhouettes, handsome boys trunks & elevated playwear, SH strives to offer something unique and beautiful with each collection. 

The main inspiration behind each timeless & whimsical print comes from a love of interior textiles. Old world patterns are among our favorites and we love to study about the prints of times gone by.  Drawing from those vintage inspirations and melding them with chic & playful elements to work for children and women alike is how Sun House came to be. Florals, vines, stripes and checks are sure to be seen scattered throughout each collection.

Tatum and Hollis are both mothers of three children each, Tatum with all girls and Hollis with all boys! Both graduated from the University of Georgia and still call Georgia home. The ethereal world of Sun House began unfolding in 2020 and these ladies couldn't be more excited to be a small part of your family's memories!